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Esquimalt Fire Fighters Association


The Esquimalt Fire Figthters Association works with the management team to ensure our fire fighters have safe and fair working conditions. The Association is affiliated with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), who represents over 300,000 fire fighters across North America. The IAFF has been working with all levels of government for almost 100 years and have brought many changes to legislation including workers compensation, building code and collective bargaining as well as lobbied for improved safety equipment, training, and staffing levels. The primary focus of the IAFF is to make a dangerous job as safe as possible for all fire fighters.

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Esquimalt Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation

esquimalt-firefighters-charitable-foundation-logoThe Esquimalt Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation was officially accredited with its charitable status in 2013. Our objective is to raise funds to assist those who need it most with a focus on local charities and organizations. With support of administrators and the Township of Esquimalt Fire Department, our members have been increasingly raising our annual target to help those in need.



In The Community

A look at what Esquimalt Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation does for the community.